Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr Aruna Jain
Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engg
Ph.D. (B.I.T., Mesra), M.Tech. (Comp.Sc.), M.Sc. (Physics)
Contact Address
Permanent Address Q.No. C-I/14 , BIT ,Mesra , Ranchi , 835215
Local Address Q.No. C-I/14 , BIT ,Mesra , Ranchi , 835215
Phone (Office) 00
Phone Residence 06512275629
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Joined Institute on : 1-Nov-1989

  Work Experience
Teaching : 26 Years

Research : 16 Years

Individual: 16 Years

  Professional Background


Name of the




Nature of Work

BIT Mesra

Associate Lecturer

November 1989 – December 1999

Teaching and Research

BIT Mesra


January 2000 – June 2006

Teaching and Research

BIT Mesra

Sr. Lecturer

July 2006 – August 2008

Teaching and Research

BIT Mesra


August 2008 – August 2011

Teaching and Research

BIT Mesra

Associate Professor

August 2011 – Till date

Teaching and Research


Subjects taught at UG (BE) and PG (MCA / M.Tech.) level

Data Communication, Computer Networking and Security, Cryptography, Data Compression and Data Hiding, Communication Theory, Computer Organization and Architecture, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence

  Research Areas
  • Web Engineering
  • Speech Processing
  • Optical Networks
  • Computer Networks and Security
  • Data Mining
  • Soft Computing
  Award and Honours
  1. CSIR Scholar, Department of Applied Physics, VNIT, Nagpur (July 1983 – December 1984)


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International Conference / Seminar:


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  Text and Reference Books


  1. Sahana, S, K., Aruna Jain & Mahanti, P.K., “Hybrid Ant Colony Optimization Technique: TSP a case study”, Scholar’s Press, Germany. ISBN-978-3-639-70706-9,2014.

Chapters in Books:

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Research Scholars:



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Sudip Kr. Sahana


Hybrid Ant Colony Optimization : Travelling Salesman Problem A Case Study




Sirshendu Sekhar Ghosh


Intelligent Web Traffic Optimization: Integrating Prefetching and Caching With Web Log Mining




Sweta Sinha


Spoken Hindi language Processing for Dialect Classification




Vaibhav Shukla


Design and Analysis of Contention Resolution Techniques in Optical Network



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  1. GSTF International Journal on Computing (ISSN:2010-2283)
  2. Annual International Conference on Information technology Security (ITS2010)
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  1.  Acta Press International Journal on Computers and Applications
  2. Journal of Computing and Information Technology.(ISSN:1330-1136)
  3. Central European Journal of Computer Science.(ISSN:1896-1533)
  4. Annual International Conference on Communication, Computing and Security (ICCCS2011)organized by the department of Computer Science and Engineering, NIT Rourkela.12th Feb.2011
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1. Annual International Conference on Communication, Computing and Security (ICCCS2012) organized by the department of Computer Science and Engineering,

     NIT Rourkela.6th  -8th October 2012.

2. International Conference on Web Engineering and Applications (ICWA- 2013) organized by  the  department  of  Computer Science and 
  Engineering,College of Engineering and Technology,Bhubaneshwar. 19
th  -22nd December 2013.