Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Abhijit Mustafi
Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engg
Ph.D., MCA
Contact Address
Permanent Address Flat No. G3 Block A Anandomani Apartments Jatin Ch. Road Besides Hotel Landmark Lalpur, Ranchi - 834001
Local Address Quarter No. D I/52 Near Hostel 9, Inner Campus, BIT Mesra, Ranchi, Jharkhand
Phone (Office) 4522
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Joined Institute on : 1-Aug-2003

  Work Experience
Teaching : 19 Years

Research : 17 Years

  Professional Background

Worked with CMC, Kolkata, in the capacity of Project Trainee, during which time I had the responsibilty of designing the database schema for a Kolkata Police project, involving traffic violations.

  Research Areas

My current research interest is in the fields of information retrieval from web corpus, dynamic data visualization and blind source separation of images.

I also work in the domain of machine learning, where I study the application of machine learning in the context of computer vision.

  Award and Honours

 Gold Medallist, University of North Bengal, 2001



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  Member of Professional Bodies

 Life member of Institute of Engineers.

  Current Sponsored Projects
  1. PURSE 2022, Special Call from DST, Principal Project Implementor. Total Amount sanctioned: Rs. 28.44 CR
  2. 360-degree Health Monitoring of Miners and Mining Community of CCL, CO-PI, CSR Initiative of CCL, 2022. Total amount sanctioned: Rs. 36 Lacs
  3. "Investigation of document clustering using nature based algorithms in an optimized vector space." (Internal project sponsered under BIT Seed Money scheme). Total value of Rs. 0.8 Lacs.