Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. (Mrs.) Neelima Sharma
Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Tech
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Contact Address
Permanent Address F. No. 102, Neerav Appartment, Sikandra, Agra, U.P.
Local Address D-I/10, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra-835215, Ranchi
Phone (Office) 06512276247
Phone Residence 09470978418
Email Id
Joined Institute on : 4-Feb-2009

  Work Experience
Teaching : 7 Years

Research : 12 Years

  Professional Background

1. Qualify GATE in 2003

2. Qualify NET in 2003

3. Junior  Research Fellow, Indian Institute of Toxicology and Research (IITR), Lucknow. 2004-2006

 4. Senior  Research Fellow, Indian Institute of Toxicology and Research (IITR), Lucknow. 2006-2009


  Research Areas

1. Animal Cell Culture (in vitro studies)

2. Toxicological and Biocompatibility evaluations of various synthetic and natural moieties.

3. Biochemical studies for evaluation of biological activities of bioactive molecules.

4. Molecular mechanism of bioactive compounds from both synthetic and natural sources.


  Award and Honours

1. Holder of  Scholarship Award issued by U.P. Board  (1997-1998)

2. Junior  Research Fellowship (2004-2006)

3. Senior  Research Fellowship (2006-2009)



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  Member of Professional Bodies

1. Life member of Society of Toxicology India (STOX, India).

2. Jt. Treasurer of  Pharmaceutical Society, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi.

  Current Sponsored Projects

1. Evaluation of Apoptotic Mechanism of  Deltamethrin as a promising candidate against cancer , funded by BIT, Mesrea, Seed Money Scheme, (Principal Investigator) sanctioned amount Rs. 80,000, duration Nov 2015 – 2016. (1 years)

2.Studies  on  Immunotoxic Profile and Proteomics of Deltamethrin in Murine Thymocytes and Splenocytes: Attenuation by Herbals , Funded by UGC, Major Research Project Scheme, (Principal Investigator) sanctioned amount Rs. 9.30 lakhs, duration Feb 2011 – 2014. (3 years)


PhD Scholar (Awarded)

1. Anoop Kumar

  Member, Editorial Board

1.    Member of the Reviewer Board of Biological Trace Element Research.

        2. Member of the Advisory Board of PHARMBIT.