Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Soham Chattopadhyay
Assistant Professor, Bioengineering and Biotechnology
M.Tech., Ph.D.
Contact Address
Permanent Address Type A1, DU No: 34; Rail Vihar, Kalyanpur Satellite Township, Asansol, 713305, West Bengal
Local Address DII/13, Outer Campus, BIT Mesra, Ranchi
Phone (Office) 9475175152
Phone Residence 8434188108
Email Id
Joined Institute on : 11-Jul-2016

  Work Experience
Teaching : 11 Years

Research : 11 Years

  Professional Background
  • Assistant Professor at Department of Biotechnology, BIT Mesra, Ranchi from July 2016 - till date
  • Assistant Professor at Department of Biotechnology, Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata from January 2013 to June 2016
  Research Areas
  • Design and development of Biosensor 
  • Bioremediation using immobilized enzyme
  • Biofilm-based sensing and remediation
  Award and Honours
  1. Secured 2nd Position in Higher Secondary among Chittaranjan and recipient of shield and cash award from General Manager of Chittaranjan Locomotives Works
  2. ‘Ankan Bivakar’ and ‘Senior Diploma’ in Painting from “Bangio Sangeet Parisad”.
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Book Chapter:

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  Member of Professional Bodies

Life Member of:

1. Asian Federation of Biotechnology (AFOB)

2. Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA)

  Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • A continuous process for the biocatalytic production of Biodiesel; Application no: 404/KOL/2011
  • An efficient, cost-effective, reusable and eco-friendly algal biomass dewatering system and an accelerated adsorption process thereof, Patent Appl. no: 1253/ KOL/2012