Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Debjani Mustafi
Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engg
Contact Address
Permanent Address Flat No. G3 Block A, Anandomani Apartments, Jatin Ch. Road, Besides Hotel Landmark Lalpur, Ranchi, Jharkhand-834001, India.
Local Address Quarter No. D I/52 Near Hostel 9, Inner Campus, BIT Mesra, Ranchi, Jharkhand-835215, India
Phone (Office) 2275444
Phone Residence 9955450060
Email Id
Joined Institute on : 13-Jan-2007

  Work Experience
Teaching : 13 Years

Research : 11 Years

Individual: 2 Years

  Professional Background
  • Worked previously as System Analyst at BIT, Mesra under the World Bank TEQIP  scheme from 2007 -2009.
  • Worked as Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, Siliguri College, West Bengal Aug. 2001- Nov. 2003. 
  Research Areas

My current research is in the field of Information and Image Retrieval from Document Corpus, Analysis of Nature Inspired Algorithm and Document Clustering.  

  Award and Honours

Best Paper award in 6th International Conf. on Nano Electronics Circuits & Communication Systems, 2020 for presenting the paper “Advancement of Image Captioning: A Comprehensive Survey”.



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 Mustafi D., Mustafi A., Sahoo G., A Novel Approach to Text Clustering using Genetic Algorithm Based on the Nearest Neighbour Heuristics, International Journal of Computers and Applications, Taylor & Francis Vol. 42, Pp.1-13, 2020.

Bhattacharjee N., Mustafi D., Bhattacharjee V., A Big Data Architecture for Health Care, International Journal of Engineering & Research Technology, Vol. 9(4), Pp.108-112, 2020

Mustafi D., Bhattacharjee V., Bharti J., Advancement of Image Captioning: A Comprehensive Survey, 6th International Conf. on Nano Electronics Circuits & Communication Systems (IEEE Sponsored) 2020(In Press)


 Mustafi D., Sahoo G., A Hybrid Approach using Genetic Algorithm and Differential Evolution Heuristic for Enhanced Initialization of the K-Means Algorithm with Applications in Text Clustering, Soft Computing Vol. 23, Pp. 6361- 6378, Springer Publications.


Mustafi D., Sahoo, G., Mustafi, A., A multi criteria document clustering approach using genetic algorithm. Advances in Computational Intelligence, Vol. 1, Springer, Pp. 237–247, 2016

Mustafi D., Sahoo, G., Mustafi, A. "An improved Heuristic K- Means clustering method using Genetic Algorithm based initialization", Computational Intelligence in Data Mining-Volume 1, Springer, Pp. 123-132, 2016.


Prakash A. and Mustafi D., "Fuzzy Logic Approach to Combat Web Spam with TrustRank", International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, Vol 1, Issue 4, Pp. 1100-1106, ISSN 2320-9798

  Current Sponsored Projects

 "Investigation of  Document Clustering using Nature based algorithm in an optimized vector space" (Internal project sponsored under BIT seed money scheme). Total value of Rs. 0.8 Lacs. 2015-2017.