Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Sandeep Nath Sahdeo
Assistant Professor, Management
Contact Address
Permanent Address Kishor ganj, Harmu road, Ranchi.-834001
Local Address Hehal, Itki road, Ranchi-834005.
Phone (Office) 9006099887
Phone Residence 9431596629
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Joined Institute on : 1-Jul-2004

  Work Experience
Teaching : 21 Years

Research : 16 Years

Individual: 2 Years

  Research Areas

CRM, Retail management


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 1.Participated in the National webinar organised by RKDF University, Ranchi on the topic“Sustainable approach for environmental problem in covid era” held on 9th may 2021.

2. Participated in the webinar organized by Amity university on the topic “The impact of Covid-19 on HR strategies and industrial relations practices held on June 11,2020.

3.Participated in knowledge sharing program on Teacher tought relationship: A Paradigm shift, organized by IBS business school (ICFAI group) on sept.22,2018.

4.Presented a paper in international  conference on Financial inclusion and inclusive growth organised by Ranchi university from 24 to 25 Nov.2018.Title-Doubling farmers’ income in Jharkhand-A government strategy for growth in agriculture.

5.Presented a paper in UGC sponsored national  seminar,organised by St Xavier’s college ,Ranchi on 24-25 february,2017.Title-FDI and Indian agriculture: Issues, challenges and prospect in India.

6.Presented a paper in international  conference, organised by XISS,Ranchi,on 16 feb.2017.Title-Sustainable development in agriculture through new agricultural technologies.

7. Presented a paper in  National  seminar, organised by ISM, Ranchi on 5-6 february,2016,Title-Achieving organizational excellence through innovation and motivation.

8.Presented a paper in AICTE sponsored national seminar,organised by ISM Ranchi on 6-7 february,2015 Title-Role of CSR in corporate branding.

9. Presented a paper in international  conference, organised by central university of Jharkhand on 6-7feb.’2014.Title-An empirical study of CRM with special reference to two wheeler market of Ranchi.  

10.Presented a paper in ix international conference on finance and business management, organized by department of commerce and business management,  Ranchi university on 11-12 July 2014.Title-Problems and prospects of business process outsourcing in India.

11. Presented a paper in  international  conference on Finance and busness management             ,organised by Ranchi university on 11-12 July,2014 Title-Impact of television advertising on buying behaviour ot teenage:An empirical study of rural region (India)

12.Presented a paper at national level seminar,organized by ISM, Ranchi in collaboration with AICTE on 10-11 february,2006.Title-SCM for global competitiveness.

13.Presented a paper in  national  seminar,organised by ICFAI university,Jharkhand on 03/09/2014.Title-Entrepreneurship as a tool for rural development and impact of advertising on rural entrepreneurship venture.

14.Presented a paper in  national  seminar,organised by ICFAI university,Jharkhand on 03/09/2014.Title-Unleasing entrpeneurship in India : Opportunities and challenges.

15.Paper presented   in international conference on Re-thinking marketing on 18-20 December.2014,Organised by IIM Kolkatta Title: Effectiveness of advertising exposure on family planning: An empirical analysis of determinants of demand for family planning in rural India

16. Presented a paper in a national  conference.organised by ISM,Dhanbad on 20-21february2009 Title-Branding an industrial product-The potential untapped.

17.Presented a paper in UGC sponsored national level conference organised by KCB college,Ranchi university on  19/12/2002.Title- Solutions of problems arising out of industrialisaton.

18.Participated in seminar organized by Singhad Institute of Management,Pune,on the topic International Marketing : Issues and challenges,held on March 12,1999.

  Member of Professional Bodies

Member of board of studies of Usha martin university.Ranchi.

Member of board of studies of Ranchi Women’s college,Ranchi.





       ROLL NO,





Study of effectiveness of social advertising in rural areas with special reference to Jharkhand state.







  Maya Singh



Impact of Agricultural institutions on farmer’s economic development with reference to Ranchi district





Farhan Alam



A Study of Consumer Buying Behavior in organized Retail With Special Reference to Jharkhand State.








  Member, Editorial Board

Journal: Amity journal of marketing.( UGC approved journal, ISSN-2455-975X (print),ISSN-2456-1703 (on line), Publisher-Amity journal of allied areas (ADMAA)