Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Smitha Jha
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Ph.D(CSE) , M.Tech (CSE), B.E.(CSE)
Contact Address
Phone (Office) : 0120-2553661
Phone Residence : 0120-2553661
Email Id
Joined Institute on : 4-Dec-2001

  Work Experience
Teaching : 21 Years

Research : 15 Years

Individual: 5 Years

  Professional Background
  • System Engineer in Wipro(July 2000 to Dec 2000)
  • Research Scholar in BIT Mesra(Jan 2001 to Sep 2004)
  • Lecturer in BIT Mesra(Oct 2004 to July 2007)
  • Assistant professor in BIT Mesra Ext Noida till date.
  Research Areas

SoftComputing ,Machine learning,Deep learning,cloud computing


National Conference:

1.Ms Smitha Jha, Dr. P. C. Saxena, Neural Network Approach for Mapping Tasks to Grid Heterogeneous system, National conference on Recent Trends and Developments in ICT in Lucknow university, 13-14 Feb'2010.


International Conference:

1. Mr. Ankit Gupta, Dr. Shruti Kohli, Ms. Smitha Jha, Performance of EDF-BF algorithm under QOS constraint in Grid Heterogeneous Environment. International Conference on Information Systems and Computer Networks,GLA University,UP,9-10 March 2013 indexed in IEEE Explore and Scopus.

2. Ms. Smitha Jha, Dr. D. K. Mallick, Dr. R. K. Suri, A New Scheduling algorithm based on Priority for Grid Heterogeneous System, Proceedings of  ACEEE Conference,AET 2013,Series 02,Elsevier ,held in Gurgaon in Dec. 2013

3.Himani Singal, Smitha Jha, Amit Kumar Sharma, “SLA-Oriented Resource Allocation and Challenges in Cloud”, International Conference on Recent Trends in Computer, Communication and Control Engineering (ICRTCCCE),held during 15-17 March, 2013 in Manav Institute of Technology Management, Hissar, India

4.Himani Singal, Amit Kumar Sharma, Smitha Jha, “Aneka: A Promising Tool for implementing Cloud Environment”, National Seminar on Innovations in Intelligent Computing & Information System (IICIS), held on 24th Jan, 2013 at IIMT (affiliated to GGSIPU), New Delhi, India.

5. Dr. Smitha Jha,Impact of load balancing on the performance of scheduling algorithm in grid system,Eleventh International conference on recent trends in information processing and computation,Sep 29-30,Bhopal

International journal:


1. Ms. Smitha Jha, Comparative Study of Soft Computing Approaches for Mapping Tasks to Grid System , International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, No-1,Vol. 1,Jan 2011.

2. Ms. Smitha Jha, Balanced Ant Colony Algorithm for Scheduling DAG to Grid System”, International journal of scientific and Engineering Research, Vol 2, Issue-6, June 2011.

3. Ms. Smitha Jha, Mr. Ankit Gupta, Dr. D. K. Mallick, A New QoS based Load Balancing Approach with Percentage Load Conversion in Grid Heterogeneous System, International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) Volume 57– No.5, November 2012

4. Ms. Smitha Jha, Dr. D. K. Mallick, Dr. R. K. Suri, New Decision Making tool Using Neural Network Tool In Grid Heterogeneous System. International Journal of Advanced Research, Volume 1, Issue 4, April 2013, ISSN 2320-9194

 5. Ms. Smitha Jha, Dr. D. K. Mallick, Dr. D. K. Suri, Nature Inspired Algorithm for Dependent Task Scheduling in Grid System.International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 10, Number 8 (2015) pp. 18935-18944(Scopus Indexed)

6. Dr. Smitha Jha, Cloud Computing security challenges with block chain technology,Zeichen journal, ISSN No: 0932-4747, Volume 8, Issue 08, 2022, Page No :338