Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Mr. Raj Kumar Mishra
Assistant Professor, Electrical and Electronics Engg
B.Tech, M.E. Phd Persuing
Contact Address
Permanent Address Vill+po: Nenua Via : dumraon: Distt: Buxar; Bihar :802119
Local Address Block -B Flat No -1/2 Birla institute of Technology Patna -14
Phone (Office) 9931503440
Phone Residence 9931503440
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Joined Institute on : 12-Aug-2009

  Work Experience
Teaching : 17 Years

Research : 8 Years

Individual: 5 Years

  Professional Background

Worked as lecturer at department of electrical and electronics engineering,RPSIT,Patna,2008-2009.

Worked as lecturer at  department of electrical and electronics engineering ,Sikkim manipal instititute of technology,sikkim,2006-2008.

Worked as lecturer at department of electrical and electronics engineering,RPSIT,Patna,2004-2006.

Delivered lecture at edusat programme( A joint project of Bihar Govt in association with BIT MESRA)





  Research Areas

 Material Science(Semi Conductor Materials),Nano -materials, High gain converters their modeling and control.


List of Publications

As on 21.04.2021

Journal: 04

1. Doping effect of Ni2+ ion on structural, morphological and optical properties of Zinc sulfide nanoparticles synthesized by microwave assisted method, KP Tiwary, F Ali, SK Choubey, RK Mishra, K Sharma, Optik (2021) 227, 166045 ( SCI ).

 2.Influence of Nickel on structural and optical behaviour of cadmium sulphide nanoparticles, K P Tiwary, F. Ali, R K Mishra, S K Choubey, K Sharma, Journal of Ovonic Research 16 (4), (2020) 235 -243. ( SCI ).

3.Study of structural, morphological and optical properties of cu and ni doped cds nanoparticles prepared by microwave assisted solvo thermal method, K. P. Tiwary, F. Ali, R. K. Mishra, S. Kumar, K. Sharma, Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures 14 (2), (2019) 305-313 ( SCI ).

4. R.K.Mishra,Dr.S. Chatterji and Shimi S,L ,’A Novel Design Of Ultra High Speed Dc Motor Protection Using NI Lab VIEW”,Iternational journal Of Engineering And Innovative Technology,Vol.6,No.6,pp180-182,December,2012.

Book Chapters: 01

 Hasan M.A., Mishra R.K., Hassan M.A. (2018) A Robust Controller Design for Standalone Microgrid System Feeding Composite Loads. In: SenGupta S., Zobaa A., Sherpa K., Bhoi A. (eds) Advances in Smart Grid and Renewable Energy. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol 435. Springer, Singapore

Confrences: 05


1.Structural and morphological study of manganese (Mn) doped CdTe nanoparticles, RK Mishra, A Kumar, A Kumar, D Kumar, KP Tiwary, AIP Conference Proceedings 2341 (1), (2021) 040036.


1. Influence of Cu on structural and optical properties of CdTe nanoparticles, R K Mishra, Sridhar, Ritikesh Raj, Prashant Kumar, K Sharma, K P Tiwary, AIP Conference Proceeding 2276, (2020) 020012-5.


1.  M. A. Hasan, R. K. Mishra and S. Singh, "Speed Control of DC Motor Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System Based PID Controller," 2019 2nd International Conference on Power Energy, Environment and Intelligent Control (PEEIC), Greater Noida, India, 2019, pp. 138-143, doi: 10.1109/PEEIC47157.2019.8976579.



  1. M. A. Hasan, R. K. Misra, M. A. Hassan, “A robust controller design for standalone microgrid system feeding composite loads”, International conference on emerging trends, and advances in electrical engineering and renewable energy, 17-18 December, 2016.


  1. R.K.Mishra,”ANovel Design Of DC Motor Protection Using NI Lab View”,International Conclave On Innovation In Engineering And Research ,BIT MESRA Patna,Februbary,2013.