Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Dr. Kamala Pati Tiwary
Assistant Professor, Physics
M.Sc, Ph.D (JMI, New Delhi)
Contact Address
Permanent Address Qr. No.- A-2/3, BIT Mesra, Patna Campus, P.O:- B. V. College Patna- 800014
Local Address Department of Physics B.I.T Mesra, Patna Campus P.O: B.V.College Patna- 800014
Phone (Office) 09905126933
Phone Residence 9905126933
Email Id
Joined Institute on : 11-Sep-2007

  Work Experience
Teaching : 16 Years

Research : 23 Years

  Research Areas

 Material Science, Optoelectronic,  Nanostructure semiconductors, Plasma processing,

  Award and Honours

JRF at Jmaia Millia Islamia, New Delhi during PhD.

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  Member of Professional Bodies

1.      Life member Indian Physics Association (GEN/LM/12546)

2.      Life member (PSSI) Plasma Science Society of India (LM-901)

3.      Life member of Semiconductor Society (India) (201104635)

4.      Life member of Material Research Society of India (LMB 1830)

5.      Life member of Indian Thermal Analysis Society (LM 486)

6.      Life member of The Indian Science Congress Association (L24273)

  Text and Reference Books


1.   A Text Book of Nanoscience (Publisher Kataria & sons, 2013, ISBN: 978-93-5014-404-6) by Dr. Rakesh Kumar and Dr. K. P.Tiwary

2. ECR etching of II-VI compound Semiconductors, K. P. Tiwary (Publisher: Scholar’s Press, ISBN-13 ‏: ‎978-3639518061, Germany 2013.)

Book Chapters: 

  1. Cadmium Selenide Thin Film Deposition and Characterization for Photovoltaic Applications.Suresh Kumar and K. P. Tiwary, Nanomaterials for Innovative energy system and Devices, (Publisher- Springer nature) (2022) 333-367.
  2. ZnCdS Thin Film: Preparation, Properties and Applications, S Kumar, K P Tiwary, Emerging Trends in Nanotechnology, Springer Nature, (2021) 185-219.
  3. Flow rate effect of CCl2F2/Ar on the wafers of III-V group compounds by ECR plasma etching. K.P.Tiwary, L.S.S.Singh, R.K.Purohit,  M.Husain, Z.H.Zaidi. Disordered Materials, Published by Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi. (2003) 273-276.




  Member, Editorial Board

Editorial Board member:

  1. IOSR Journal of Applied Physics (IOSR-JAP)
  2. STM Journals Physics and Review


  1. Applied Physics A: Material science and Processing (Springer)
  2. Materials science in semiconductor Processing (Elsevier)
  3. Journal of non – crystalline solids (Elsevier)