Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Prajna Parimita Dash
Assistant Professor, Electronics and Communication Engg
Ph.D, NIT-Rourkela
Contact Address
Permanent Address BIT, Mesra, Ranchi.
Local Address BIT, Mesra, Ranchi.
Phone (Office) 09471355215
Phone Residence 09471355215
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Joined Institute on : 29-Jun-2013

  Work Experience
Teaching : 12 Years

Research : 3 Years

  Professional Background

Publication Details:

A. International Journals Published

  1. Saurabh Srivastava, Prajna Parimita Dash, and Sanjay Kumar, “Capacity Analysis of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for Uplink and Downlink”,  Journal of Mobile Multimedia,River Publication Vol. 171–3,385–406, 2021 (SCOPUS)
  2. Prajna Parimita Dash, Sudhansu Kumar Mishra, Kishor kumar Senapati,Ganapati Panda, “Interactive Teaching Learning Based Optimization Technique for Multiple Object Tracking”, Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2020, Accepted for publication (SCIE)
  3.  Amit Kumar Sahoo, Rudra Narayan Pandey, Sudhansu Kumar Mishra, Prajna Parimita Dash, Identification of Real-Time Maglev Plant using Long-Short Term Memory network based Deep learning Technique, Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research (JSIR), NISCAIR (SCIE), Accepted-2020.
  4. Prajna Parimita Dash, and Dipti Patra , An efficient hybrid framework for visual tracking using Exponential Quantum Particle Filter and Mean Shift Optimization. Multimedia Tools and Applications, Springer, Vol.79 (29), pp 21513-21537, 2020 , (SCIE) 
  5. Prajna Parimita Dash, Dipti Patra, "Mutation based Self Regulating and Self Perception Particle Swarm Optimization for Efficient Object Tracking in a Video" Measurement, Elsevier, Vol. 144, pp 311- 327, ISSN: 0263-2241, DOI:, 2019 (SCI)
  6. Prajna Parimita Dash, Dipti Patra, Efficient visual tracking using multi-feature regularized robust sparse coding and quantum particle filter based localization, Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, Vol.10(2), 2019: 449-462.,Springer, ISSN: 1868-5137 (Print) 1868-5145 (Online) 2019. (SCI)
  7.  Prajna Parimita Dash, Dipti Patra, “ Efficient Covariance based Object Tracking Algorithm using Local Binary as Texture Feature Descriptor and Ohta Model as Color Feature Descriptor ”. International Journal of intelligence studies, Inderscience, Vol.4, No.1, pp.102-112, 2015 (Scopus).ISSNonline: 1755-4985 , ISSN print: 1755-4977 
  8. Prajna Parimita Dash, Dipti Patra, "Evolutionary Neural Network for Noise cancellation from Image Data", International Journal of Computational Vision and Robotics, Inderscience, Vol. 2. no. 3, pp 206-217, Oct 2011. ISSN Online, 1752-914X, ISSN Print:- 1752-9131 (Scopus)

B. Book Chapter

[1] Prajna Parimita Dash, Dipti Patra,Sudhansu Kumar Mishra “Local Binary Pattern as a feature descriptor in object tracking algorithm” Springer, Book Chapter-52, Book Title- Intelligent Computing, Networking, and Informatics, Book ID: 315851_1_En, ISBN: 978-81-322-1664-3, pp.1-8, 2013, 30-9-2013.


C. International Conference

[1] Prajna Parimita Dash, Sudhansu Kumar Mishra, Deepti Patra, “Animal tracking in wildlife footage with Quantum Particle Filter (QPF)” IEEE, 18th International Conference on Information Technology 2019, 19-21 December, IIIT, Bhubaneswar, India,2019.

[2] Sabiha Fathma, Prajna Parimita Dash, "Moment Invariant based Weed/Crop Discrimination for smart farming", International Conference on Computer, Electrical & Communication Engineering, IEEE-ICCECE, Techno India University, Kolkata, 16-18 January 2019.

[3] Neerav Sharma, Prajna Parimita Dash, Priyank Saxena, "GCD based Blind Super-Resolution for Remote Sensing Applications", IEEE Sponsored 2nd International Conference on ENERGY AND POWER ENVIRONMENT, NIT, Meghalaya, Shillong, 2nd june 2018.

[4] Arjun Abhishek, Vishal H. Shah, Prajna Parimita Dash. "Efficient Image Inpainting using Morphological Structuring Element". 6thInternational Conference on Engineering Technology, Science and Management Innovation (ICETSMI-2017). IETE, 11th June 2017.

[5] Prajna Parimita Dash, Dipti Patra,  "Efficient Object Tracking using Local Tetra Pattern Based Texture Feature", IEEE International Conference on Computer Graphics, Vision and Information Security (CGVIS) KIIT University, Nov-2-3, 2015 (Accepted).

[6] Ashwani Kumar,  Sudhanshu  Kumar Mishra,  Prajna Parimita Dash,  “Robust Detection & Tracking of object by Particle Filter using Color Information ”, IEEE International Conference, 4th ICCCNT 2013, July 4-6,2013,Tiruchengode, India.

[7] Prajna Parimita Dash, Dipti Patra, “Local Binary Pattern as a Feature Descriptor in Object Tracking Algorithm”  International Conference of Advance Computing, networking and Informatics (ICACNI-2013),Springer, Raipur, 12th -14th April,2013.

[8] Prajna Parimita Dash, Dipti Patra,  “Ohta based Covariance Method for Tracking Object in a Video scene” IEEE students’ conference on Electrical, electronics and Computer science, MANIT, Bhopal, March 1-2,2012.

[9] Prajna Parimita Dash, Dipti Patra,  “Evolutionary Neural Network for Noise Cancellation in Image  Data”International Joint Conference on Information & Communication Technology, IIMT, Bhubaneswar, Jan 8th -9th ,2011.


  Member of Professional Bodies

1.  Life Member “Association of Computer Electronics and Electrical Engineers (ACEEE)”.

2. Member “International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology(IACSIT)”.

3. Member of “International Association of Engineers(IAENG)