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Title Posted Date Last Date Last Updated
NRI Admission Brochure 2024 18-Mar-2024 31-May-2024 19-Mar-2024 Apply Now
Title Posted Date Last Date Last Updated
Master of Business Administration(MBA) Admission Notification MO-2024(Last date of payment of fees has been extended till 10th April 2024) 16-Jan-2024 8-Mar-2024 5-Apr-2024
Ph.D. Spring-2024- Admission Notification(Results: List of IRS and Last Date of Payment Updated) 13-Oct-2023 21-Nov-2023 21-Dec-2023
Admission Closure Notice for Academic Year 2023-24(for Mesra, Jaipur, Patna, Deoghar, Lalpur and Noida Campuses) 16-Sep-2023 31-Oct-2023 26-Sep-2023
B.Tech. Special Round II for BIT Patna Campus for ECE, EEE, Civil and Mech Branches only 16-Sep-2023 19-Sep-2023 20-Sep-2023
B.Tech. Special Round III for BIT Jaipur Campus for ECE, EEE and AI Branches only 16-Sep-2023 20-Sep-2023 20-Sep-2023
B.Tech. Special Round II for BIT Deoghar Campus for ECE, EEE and Mech Branches only 16-Sep-2023 22-Sep-2023 16-Sep-2023
B.Tech. Jaipur Off Campus Results: Special Round (for EEE and ECE branches only); Results 18-May-2023 5-Sep-2023 15-Sep-2023
Special Round Admission Notification for B.Tech. Programs at Deoghar (EEE and Mechanical) and Patna (Civil and Mechanical)/ Results 21-Aug-2023 10-Sep-2023 12-Sep-2023
Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm.) Admission Notification for Academic Year 2023-24- Special Round Result 9-May-2023 5-Sep-2023 9-Sep-2023
Special Round of Admissions - B.Arch. program BIT Mesra 1-Sep-2023 10-Sep-2023 6-Sep-2023
Master of Computer Application (MCA) - Special Admission Notification for Lalpur, Jaipur and Noida Off Campuses - Results 14-Mar-2023 31-Aug-2023 4-Sep-2023
M. Pharm. Special Rounds Results/ Post Graduate(M.Tech., M. Urban Planning, M.Sc. Programs)MO- 2023 Special Round Result 15-Mar-2023 31-Aug-2023 4-Sep-2023
BBA BCA Admission Academic Year 2023-24(Special Round Admission Notification(Results) 13-Apr-2023 31-Aug-2023 4-Sep-2023
Bachelor of Science(B.Sc.) Chemistry(NEP Based) Admission Notification MO 2023(Special Round Admission Notification- Results) 6-Jun-2023 31-Aug-2023 4-Sep-2023
M.Sc. in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (B.I.T. Jaipur Off-Campus) Admission Brochure- 2023(Special Round Admission Notification- Results) 27-Jun-2023 31-Aug-2023 4-Sep-2023
Bachelor of Technology (Biotechnology)(NEET-UG)/ ICAR AIEEA (UG) 2023- Results Round 1 List 5, Guidelines Updated 25-Jun-2023 9-Jul-2023 30-Aug-2023
B.Tech.; B.Arch.; I.MSc. Admission Notification-2023 for BC-I / BC-II candidates (Mesra/Deoghar/Patna Campus)- List 3 25-Jun-2023 31-Jul-2023 28-Aug-2023
Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT) (Special Round Admission Notification- Date Extended till 31st August 2023) 14-Mar-2023 31-Aug-2023 23-Aug-2023
Master of Business Administration(MBA) Special Round Admission Notification(For all campuses all categories except Mesra) / Special Round Results Patna , Noida and Lalpur 7-Feb-2023 31-Aug-2023 22-Aug-2023
Bachelor of Science(Animation & Multimedia) 2023(Special Rounds Admission Notification Last Date extended till 31st August 2023 / Special Round Results) 19-May-2023 31-Aug-2023 22-Aug-2023
M.Sc. (Animation Design) 2023-24(Special Rounds Admission Notification: Last date extended/ Results) 24-May-2023 31-Aug-2023 22-Aug-2023
NRI Admission Notification for Academic Year 2023-24 9-Mar-2023 28-Aug-2023 21-Aug-2023
Bachelor of Technology(B.Tech.) Lateral Entry(2nd Year, 3rd Semester)- for Deoghar, Patna and Jaipur Campus-(Special Round Admission Notification 2023) 27-May-2023 7-Aug-2023 4-Aug-2023
Physical Reporting for Newly Admitted Candidates- Through JoSAA/CSAB Counselling and Institute Counselling 1-Aug-2023 10-Sep-2023 1-Aug-2023
Ph.D. Monsoon-2023 (IRS Addendum updated) 15-Mar-2023 8-May-2023 20-Jul-2023
B.Pharm. (Lateral Entry) 2023 15-Jul-2023 31-Jul-2023 18-Jul-2023
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Fee Structure 2024-25 12-Apr-2024