I extend my heartiest welcome to the prestigious Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra Ranchi, Noida campus. I am extremely proud of being a part of the institution that has a legacy of over 65 years in Technical Education.

In this dynamic era of technological advancements, we are imparting quality education to help students prepare for the workforce of the future. We are devoted to exploring and transforming the capabilities of our students in such a way that they prove to be the most suitable professionals, and at the same time, they are equally dedicated to society and the social cause. 

BIT Noida campus has focused not only on fostering the growth of high-quality professionals through classroom and experiential learning but also on providing enough motivation to the innovations, live projects, research, and publications in the contemporary fields of Technology, Engineering, and Management.  

BIT Noida leverages its strategic location of being in proximity to many multinational companies. This proximity allows us to bring thought leaders in different industries to the classrooms of BIT which gives students an opportunity to network with their potential future employers.

All faculty members at BIT Noida are committed to conducting advanced research and adopting best academic practices to ensure that our students have the best possible learning and development experience during their time at BIT Noida.

Thank you.

Prof. (Dr.) S.L. Gupta



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