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"Students must be taught how to think, not what to think --Margaret Mead"



Education should cultivate a passion for life and our endeavor at BIT Noida has been to impart learning through a shared sense of responsibility. At BIT Noida Campus, we believe that each student is born with an innate capacity to learn and create. Indeed we have enjoyed the most rigorous and exciting term since my joining as Director in October 2019 with various activities be it Suraksha Pakwada, Sports Events, Alumni Meet etc., enriching the learning experience of our students. Along with structured learning imparted through the curriculum, our focus has been on addressing the holistic development and the personality of our students.

Our Faculty has been able to help our students excel in academics. However it is not only a continuous effort to maintain standards, but also to realize that teaching is not only about academics or activities but also of becoming responsible citizens of the nation.

As an educator, I am convinced that our role must be to identify our students strength and work towards building their confidence and self-esteem rather than checking them on things they do not aspire to achieve. We must respect their choices and preferences. Our efforts should be to discover and magnify their talents. A student must have management and leadership skills. We hope that a balanced Institute life will motivate them to achieve excellence in their chosen field. Let us never forget that learning is a continuous process grounded in the personal experiences of the learner. Let us stop telling them what to think. Let the students feel free to think and develop.

At BIT Noida it is our ultimate aim to help the students make comprehensive progress till the moment they graduate and go out into the world well informed  to achieve their purpose in life.

May God bless our Institute and help us to achieve our goals with hard work and humility. May God bless each student and may he guide them and be with them so that they become examples for the community and the country at large,become good daughters and sons of the country and above all good human beings.


Thank you.

Dr. Asha Prasad
BIT, Noida Campus


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Jan 24
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